Write like a Boss
Write like a Champion
Write like an AUTHOR!

The internationally acclaimed writing course for middle-grade students that shows you how to write stories the way professional authors do.

On a four-day, school holiday writing camp, international, award winning author and writing coach Brian Falkner will take you on a journey of fun and discovery, learning how to create, develop and write awesome stories, with Brian right alongside you, guiding you every step of the way.

National high-performance coach and english teacher Steve Gillis has worked with Brian to help develop a creative writing course that will inspire and motivate middle-grade students to reach their writing potential.

Developed and proven for over eight years in classrooms in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Students Say

"the best fun ever!"
-Jamie, 12

"It expanded my understanding of myself as a writer and opened up a whole future of possibilities."
- Grace, 15

"I loved the games! It was hard work but I loved every minute."
- William, 11

Teachers Say

"it was a pleasure to see such joy on the faces of the students..."

"the improvement in our students' writing was real and measurable..."

“motivating and inspiring..."